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We are proud to be the east coast's leading casting company for amateur and first time female models ranging in age from 18-50. With our 15+ years experience in the adult entertainment industry and our young and eager team, we pride ourselves in providing you the highest paying work as quickly as possible. Working with our affiliates in the industry, we are responsible for bringing the hottest names in the Adult Entertainment industry for over 15 years!

We work with all Genre's of Adult Entertainment. Whether you’re interest is a career path, a part time activity, a one-time interest, cam businesses, or personal clips sites we are your go-to source for talent placement, mentoring and coaching. It doesn’t matter if your interest is adult modeling, adult film or novelty development, we can help you put yourself on the market.

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Jenna Haze - Thank you guys for getting me started! I would never be where I am without you, eXXXotic Inc!